If You Want a “Commuter-Friendly” Preschool in Danville, It’s Learn and Play Montessori

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Choosing the Right Preschool in Danville and San Ramon Is Vital for Your Child’s Future

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Everything Needs a Firm Foundation, and Preschool Education Is No Different

The foundation of anything is critical. You can’t build a house on sand: it has to have proper and firm...
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Learn and Play Montessori Is the Top-Rated Preschool in Danville

Danville isn't a very big town, but at Learn And Play Montessori we're the top-rated preschool in Danville, with 21...
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When Compared with Private Kindergartens, Public Schools Are Very Limited

Kindergarten is an important foundation time for your child. You want the best kindergarten for him or her. But public...
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At Danville Montessori Our Parents Can Make New Friends as Well as Keeping the Old

Danville is a small town and has a wonderful "can do" attitude. Parents in our school have “never met a...
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Why Not Teach Your Danville Preschooler How to Love Learning for Its Own Sake?

Quick English lesson: “pre” means “before”, so preschool means before school, or perhaps before what some might call “big” school....
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A Choice of Two Montessori Preschools If You Live in San Ramon

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If You are Looking for a San Ramon Preschool You Need to Come to Danville

San Ramon isn't a large community, although with a population of 75,000 we have to admit it’s bigger than Danville,...
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Danville Preschools Get Filled Up Fast, so Procrastinating Is Not a Good Idea

OK! OK! We get it! Parents in Danville are, by nature, procrastinators. But it’s not entirely their fault. (more…)
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Who’d have Thought it? A Kindergarten that is Open All Day and Easy for the 680?

There are many parents in San Ramon who work full time (wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to?!) and have to commute up and down the 680 (it would be wonderful if we didn’t have to do that too!). But there you go – that’s life.A kindergarten right next to the 680 in the Bay Area

However, it does present a problem when you need a San Ramon kindergarten for your kid – or kids – because the public schools, while they provide it free, only provide half a day. All of which is more or less useless if you work full time. Sure, you might have a relative or friend who could pick your child up and look after him all afternoon, but it’s probably not all that likely.

San Ramon Kindergarten Options

This is why so many parents in San Ramon use our San Ramon kindergarten, even though it’s not in San Ramon! We’re in Danville, but hey! What’s three miles between friends? Not only that, we are just off the 680, so you can drop your kid off on the way to work and pick him or her up again on the way home. What could be easier than that?

Our beautiful Danville school which houses our San Ramon kindergarten is built in the style of a Tudor cottage and has no less than eight large classrooms. We take children from as young as 18 months to 6 years old and have designed the campus so that it fits perfectly with the Montessori principles. The Montessori method allows the children to explore the classroom on their own and find something out of the huge range of materials that catches their interest.

It may seem a simple idea, but when they find something that interests them, they want to learn more about it. So it very quickly becomes a way of learning because each child WANTS to learn more about something that he finds interesting. To us, as teachers trained in the Montessori method, that makes total sense. We don’t “teach” in the traditional sense because we don’t make the children sit down on the floor and listen to us telling them something in which they may have no interest. Rather, we let them find out for themselves.

We also have a huge outdoor playground with trees, and games for them to play, where they can learn about the outside world.

We encourage all parents who are looking for a San Ramon kindergarten to take the short drive up to Danville and to see for themselves just how happy the children are and how well they are developing.

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