Summer is just around the corner, and we’re excited to be participating in the gradual re-opening of childcare services at our Danville, California, campus. We’re following all the state regulations, and if you live in or near Danville, consider reaching out to us for Danville, CA, childcare options.The Learn And Play Montessori Danville campus will re-open soon.

Our campus is ideal for commuters on the I-680 because it is only a couple of minutes away. This means that it is convenient for residents of San Ramon, Tassajara, Blackhawk, Diablo, Alamo, and Walnut Creek as well. Our Danville campus is housed in a Tudor cottage-style of building and has no less than 8 large classrooms which are light and airy.

Lots Of Options For Parents

Unlike the public schools, we provide parents looking for Danville, CA, childcare options with a lot of options! We are open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm so whatever your hours of work may be, we are here for you. We are also open all year round: we don’t close for 3 months in the summer.

We have a large gated and secure playground at the rear of the school, separated by age groups, allowing a safe environment in which the children can play, and also start to learn about nature.

The Montessori method of education works on the basis that each child is unique and works best in an environment that respects their unique and individual capabilities. The large and light classrooms contain a wide choice of Montessori materials from which each child can choose something which interests him. Rather than sitting listening to a teacher talking, our children are each learning about something different from the next child, so there is absolutely no element of competition or who is “the best”.

Furthermore, because the child is learning about something that interests him, he learns because he wants to learn rather than because someone has told him to learn. This means that children involved in the Montessori method quickly start to love learning for its’ own sake, and this is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The teachers keep an eye on what the child is doing, and when the time is right will introduce him to some further materials.

Now, at the moment, our Danville campus is not open, but we will be re-opening as soon as State guidelines tell us it is safe to do so. If you are looking for Danville, CA, childcare options, we would recommend that you provide your details on the Add To Wait List link at the top of the page. We will then contact you as soon as we re-open and invite you to take a school tour so that you can see everything for yourself.