The foundation of anything is critical. You can’t build a house on sand: it has to have proper and firm foundations. So it is with education: your child needs a foundation in learning that gives him or her (a) a method of learning and (b) a love for learning. Montessori method at work and play.This is why smart parents here in Danville, San Ramon, and elsewhere on the I-680 corridor, choose the Montessori method for their child’s early education needs. It provides them with a sound footing and very quickly instills in them a love of learning for its’ own sake.

So how does the Montessori method achieve this? Or, equally importantly, how do we achieve this at Learn And Play Montessori Schools in the East Bay area?

All of our Montessori preschools have large, bright and airy classrooms and in many of them we have extended the windows in order to let in as much natural light as possible. Our classrooms are packed to the brim with Montessori materials – many designed by Maria Montessori herself – and as far as possible they are made from natural materials and not such things as plastic.

The Child Chooses What To Learn About

Each child is allowed to roam the classroom in our Montessori preschools and inspect and play with the materials until he or she finds something which catches their interest. When they do this, they can then take whatever it is to a corner of the classroom, a desk, or anywhere they choose, and play with it and experiment to find out what it is and what, if anything, it does. In other word, the child is learning about something because he WANTS to learn about it. He wants to find out more. He is finding out more about it because it has piqued his interest, so he very quickly begins to love learning about things because he wants to do so rather than being told by a teacher that he HAS to do so.

If you have a job it may very well be that you enjoy what you are doing, but for many people it’s just work that they do because they have to. They would rather be out fishing, playing golf, painting a picture, or whatever they enjoy doing, than going to work. You can see the similarity. Some people would like to paint pictures for a living, and indeed a few do. But there are many more who would like to do so but have to work in a laundry, drive a cab, or whatever, in order to earn an income.

If you are considering Montessori preschools for your child, we would welcome you to drop in for a school tour, and you can see for yourself just how much the children enjoy learning.