Danville isn’t a very big town, but at Learn And Play Montessori we’re the top-rated preschool in Danville, with 21 Google reviews at last count, and another 25 reviews on Yelp. Danville's top-rated preschool.We’re very proud of this. Go take a look. But we reach not only Danville but also San Ramon, Alamo, and nearby communities such as Blackhawk, Diablo, Brookshire, Tassajara, Alamo Oaks, and even Walnut Creek, whose parents bring their kids to Danville’s top-rated preschool.

And why wouldn’t they? We don’t know any parents who wouldn’t want the very best education for their kids, and without putting too fine a point on it, at Learn And Play Montessori that’s what they get.

OK. Kids are kids. We get it. But they are, without exception, all unique individuals with their own abilities, personalities, and interests, and those have to be encouraged and respected, right from day one. The Montessori method works by doing exactly that – respecting the individuality of each child and working with the child, not simply treating all children as the same. You and I are not the same, and nor is any one of them. Just because they are kids and have a lot to learn about life doesn’t mean that they should not be respected. Our job is to help them to learn – notice we didn’t say “teach”.

We Show The Child What Is Possible And What Can Be Achieved

As Danville’s top-rated preschool, what we do with the Montessori method is to show the children what is possible and what can be achieved, but we allow them to choose what they then want to learn about. Heck, you might have been taught Latin at school and absolutely hated it – or you might have loved it. But if you hated it, is that a good reason for insisting that you learn it? We think not. First, you probably won’t learn it very well, so won’t pass an exam, and even if you did you will probably never use it once you have left school! How many people use algebra in everyday life?! Or trigonometry? We would hazard a guess at not very many: yet most of us were forced to learn them.

This is the beauty of the Montessori method, because it allows the child to make choices. And this is why we are Danville’s top-rated preschool because we have a huge amount of Montessori materials in the classrooms, and each child is allowed to CHOOSE what interests him or her and what he or she wants to learn more about.

If something interests you, then you want to learn more about it. The result is that you do, and you soon come to love learning for the sake of learning. That’s what the Montessori method is about.