We have recently noticed that there are quite a few “at home” daycares popping up in and around Danville, California. Some of them are really very good, but you will also find that some do not have a license. It goes without saying that you want a first-class daycare for your child, but you should also make certain that it is licensed.

At Learn And Play Montessori School we do, of course, have a license and the number is #013422409. What is more, we believe that we offer the finest preschool learning that any parent could wish for. Our Danville, California, childcare teachers are highly trained with accredited Montessori and early education credentials. Our children are encouraged to explore for themselves through the range of materials that we have and find the things which interest them. We take a keen interest in watching your child develop using his or her own mind and we then encourage him to pursue those things that excite him. This way, your child learns because he is learning to love learning!Danville Daycare

Your Child Is Unique and Deserves Amazing Daycare

The attractive materials that we have in our preschool classroom allow the child to learn with his senses of touch and motion, and through interaction with other children in the class. Your child is unique, and our Danville daycare program is designed for him to explore his uniqueness through play, interaction, and exploration, which encourages growth. Every child is allowed to learn and grow at his own pace and those who are slower learners are not put under pressure to “keep up”, while those who are quick learners are not held back but encouraged to go further.

Our Danville preschool has spacious and airy classrooms with windows that have been extended to allow for more natural light, which enhances the developmental and academic environment. The classrooms are large so that children can move around freely within them and explore all the Montessori materials. We also have a playground near the back of the school which is a gated and fully secure area for the children to play and develop out of doors.

At Learn And Play Montessori School in Danville, we have children of different ages in the classrooms, normally over a three year age span. This helps children learn a sense of community and supports social development. Younger children learn from older children who are models for them to follow, and sometimes act as teachers of the younger children as well. This does away with any sense of competition, or younger children having to “keep up”, because it is clear that they will not all have identical skills and perform equally.

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