When it comes to preschools in Danville there are several options. There is location, and then there are different types of programs. Some of the preschools are near the 680 and some are not. Some of them use the Montessori method while others use different methodologies.Choices of Danville preschools.

When you consider Danville, California, and Montessori preschool options we suggest you take a look at us at Learn And Play Montessori. We are very close to the 680 on San Ramon Valley Blvd and we follow the Montessori method of teaching very closely. The school building is a Tudor cottage style and the eight classrooms are spacious, light, and airy. Indeed, the windows have been extended for the precise purpose of letting as much natural light into the classrooms as possible which gives them an open feel. In addition to the classrooms we have a huge gated playground at the back of the school where the children can play in safety and explore the natural world outside.

Learn And Play Montessori provides year-round toddler, preschool, preK, kindergarten and after school programs for children from 18 months to the age of 6. The campus is designed with plenty of space for the children to move around freely and interact with the huge choice of Montessori materials which we provide. Each child chooses what to learn about and selects the materials accordingly. Because the children are selecting their own subjects to explore, they learn because they want to learn rather than sitting down in a classroom and listening to a teacher telling them about a subject. They learn by doing rather than by listening.

A Range Of Materials And Subjects

Our Danville, California, and Montessori preschool options includes a range of materials covering several subjects including math, science, geography, art, music, dance and movement, botany, biology, and the concepts of earth and water, countries and continents. In addition, the children learn a second language, which in the case of Learn And Play Montessori is Spanish.

Every child proceeds at his own pace and there is no rush to attain a certain standard and no sense of competition either. Each child is learning what he wants to learn and as he progresses the teacher will introduce him to additional materials at the appropriate time. Learning the Montessori way becomes a pleasure and something the child wants to do rather than having to do what he is told to do.

We invite all parents from Danville and the surrounding towns to come up to the campus and see for themselves the Danville, California, and Montessori preschool options that are available for their child. Please come along on Monday through Friday at any time from 9am to 5pm.