At Danville Montessori Our Parents Can Make New Friends as Well as Keeping the Old

Danville is a small town and has a wonderful "can do" attitude. Parents in our school have “never met a...
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Why Not Teach Your Danville Preschooler How to Love Learning for Its Own Sake?

Quick English lesson: “pre” means “before”, so preschool means before school, or perhaps before what some might call “big” school....
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A Choice of Two Montessori Preschools If You Live in San Ramon

If you are looking for San Ramon preschools for your child, you’re in luck. At Learn And Play Montessori we...
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If You are Looking for a San Ramon Preschool You Need to Come to Danville

San Ramon isn't a large community, although with a population of 75,000 we have to admit it’s bigger than Danville,...
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Danville Preschools Get Filled Up Fast, so Procrastinating Is Not a Good Idea

OK! OK! We get it! Parents in Danville are, by nature, procrastinators. But it’s not entirely their fault. (more…)
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The Good News is We Still have a Few Preschool Places in our Danville Montessori

As fall approaches, at Learn And Play Montessori we have some good news! We still have a few places left...
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Blackhawk is an Affluent Town, but Nearly All Residential. Preschool is in Danville.

If you live in Blackhawk and you need Blackhawk preschool programs for your child, you really don’t have very much...
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If You Need Montessori for Your San Ramon child, We Have Danville and Dublin

Oh dear! Decisions, decisions! And it's all our fault! At Learn And Play Montessori we have had a campus open...
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The Very Best Danville Kindergarten is The One Using the Montessori Method

There are some very good kindergartens in Danville, both public and private. (There are also some that we have had...
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Moms and Dads in Danville CA are Busy & Need Daycare for their Kids

Moms and Dads in Danville, California, are busy people, with many having to work full time and commute up and...
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At Danville Montessori Our Parents Can Make New Friends as Well as Keeping the Old

Danville is a small town and has a wonderful “can do” attitude. Parents in our school have “never met a stranger.” Danville preschools.Well, we hope you can join us at the best-in-class preschool to “make new friends” and “keep the old.”

And why not? At Learn And Play Montessori in Danville we are the first choice for many parents who are looking for Danville, CA, preschools for their child. In fact, a lot of our parents never look anywhere else because they have been recommended to us by friends or family members.

But if you are looking for Danville, CA, preschools for your child and don’t know anything about us, let us explain what we do.

We are on San Ramon Blvd in Danville, just off the I-680, so we are very convenient for parents who have to commute. We also open at 7.00am and remain open until 6.30pm so we are very convenient from that point of view as well, since you can drop your child off on the way to work and pick him or her up again on the way home.

Eight Large Classrooms And A Huge Playground

The campus is a spacious Tudor cottage style building with eight very large classrooms and a playground outside that is huge and is securely gated. It is divided into areas by age so that the toddlers can play separately. We provide day care, preschool and kindergarten for children from 18 months to 6 years of age. We know that parents are busy, and we offer a choice of part time, full time, after school, and child development programs to fit in with your lifestyle.

The Montessori method allows the children to walk around the classroom looking at the huge choice of Montessori materials that we provide until they find something that interests them. When they do, they can pick it up, play with it, explore it, look at pictures, or whatever the material is, and learn about what it is and what it does. This is why the Montessori method works so well because each child is learning about something that interests him or her, and quite naturally wants to find out more about it.

At Learn And Play Montessori our children don’t sit on the floor or at a desk listening to a teacher talking. Rather, they use all their five senses to explore and find about something that interests them, and this sets them off on a path of lifetime exploration. Our children learn because they want to rather than learning because they are being told that they have to.

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