If You Are Going Back to Work in the East Bay, You Need Childcare

At Learn And Play Montessori Schools, we have been closed as a result of Covid-19 along with everyone else. However,...
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Learn & Play Montessori, the Leader in Bay Area Preschool Opportunities, Announces YouTube Successes for its Online Montessori Preschool Program

Learn and Play Montessori, a best-in-class preschool program in Fremont, Danville, and Dublin, California, is proud to announce major successes...
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Learn & Play Montessori Announces New Online Montessori Preschool Options via Remote Learning System

Learn and Play Montessori, a top-rated program for preschool in Fremont, Dublin, and Danville is proud to announce open enrollment...
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Summer Is Nearly Here, and We Are Re-Opening Our Danville Childcare Campus

Summer is just around the corner, and we're excited to be participating in the gradual re-opening of childcare services at...
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Learn and Play Montessori Is One of the Best East Bay Preschools in Danville

The city of Danville is a small community but nonetheless is a beautiful one. It has a population of just...
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Montessori Kindergarten in Danville Provides the Basis for Your Child’s Education

Danville parents think about the future. Once the baby is born, it's like: what college will she go to? Parents...
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If You Want a “Commuter-Friendly” Preschool in Danville, It’s Learn and Play Montessori

Danville is a small, yet friendly and affluent community in the East Bay, and is one of the few in...
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Choosing the Right Preschool in Danville and San Ramon Is Vital for Your Child’s Future

Preschool is fundamental to your child's future. That's why you want to find the best preschool in Danville, San Ramon,...
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Everything Needs a Firm Foundation, and Preschool Education Is No Different

The foundation of anything is critical. You can’t build a house on sand: it has to have proper and firm...
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Learn and Play Montessori Is the Top-Rated Preschool in Danville

Danville isn't a very big town, but at Learn And Play Montessori we're the top-rated preschool in Danville, with 21...
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Blackhawk is an Affluent Town, but Nearly All Residential. Preschool is in Danville.

If you live in Blackhawk and you need Blackhawk preschool programs for your child, you really don’t have very much choice in the town itself.Blackhawk children needing preschool should come to Danville You will know that it is mostly residential, and the prices are very high even for the Bay Area, so your nearest Blackhawk preschool programs are in Danville. After all, we’re only 15 minutes’ drive away along Blackhawk Dr and Camino Tassajara, and if you have to commute on the I680 it’s absolutely ideal.

Not only that, Danville is where you will find Learn And Play Montessori and if you want the finest preschool and kindergarten for your child, this is where you will find it. Our spacious school is built in a Tudor cottage style and has eight large and bright classrooms filled to the brim with the finest Montessori materials from which every child can choose whatever piques his interest.

Freedom Of Choice in terms of Preschools

This is one of the beauties of the Montessori method, because it allows the child freedom of choice. So the child finds something interesting, and of course because it is interesting he wants to learn more about it. This means that with the Montessori method the child learns because he learns to love learning – exploring and finding out more about whatever it is that interests him. Our children don’t sit on the floor listening to a teacher talking. Rather, they learn by doing, using all of their five senses, not just their ears.

A Large Playground

We also have a wonderful gated playground at the school where the children can play and learn about Mother Nature. It is large enough to be separated by age groups, so the toddlers can play safely away from their bigger peers.

When you are working parents, using a public preschool can be a major headache. Apart from anything else, the hours that they are open just don’t fit in with the work schedules of most people, and then they also shut down in the summer for weeks on end. At our Danville Montessori we are open all year round from 7.00 am to 6.30 pm because we work on the principle that we have to fit around you, not the other way around!

This also means that your child gets many more hours of education than he would in a public school. Our classes are smaller too, so your child gets much more individual attention than in a public school where the classes are very large. The teacher will watch what your child is doing and how he is progressing, and then introduce more materials at the appropriate time when he is ready for them.

So if you are looking for Blackhawk preschool programs, we’d suggest coming to Danville.

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